Grand Order [TTS Audio Book] [2]

Ah,hahah,ahahaha! Finally, after a trillion years, the project is dead!  By dead I mean I finished it, and although I won’t publicly share it (since it was done purely for a friend), I found that it actually helped with my edits heavily.


By adding music, ambiance and editing the audio, I noticed both mechanical errors, as well as literary deficiencies that I was able to fix up. While I don’t know if I’ll do this again for my second book in my series, as this was an absurd amount of work that I did solely out of morbid masochistic curiosity, this was a really useful project. I built my book up a bit more, got creative in lacking sections that if I didn’t do this, wouldn’t have realized they needed to be modded.

Anyhow, that’s all, since I finished this nightmare I thought I ought to celebrate it’s completion. By celebrate it’s more so, *guzzles coffee and listens to Council of Geeks*

Grand Order [TTS Audio Book] [2]

Sandra [WIP]

sdra face type test d2 colour.png

An OC of mine from the Grand Order. This is an unfinished piece–I’m partially unsure as to how I’m going to finish it. Her hair is red–and part of me wants to leave the red as is. Still not sure.


Crafting DLC for a Book


Note: Some of my reasoning could be due to my own ineptitude. 

ASandra.png future plan of mine is to incorporate DLC for the Grand Order. These usually I feel will be largely character pieces, backgrounds, inlaid within a relatively larger short-story. This is a method I feel might be able to be used in order to realize a larger world, and richer characters. Stories which I couldn’t tell due to them being so far out of left-field. (I’d divulge the greater details here, but the DLC largely would spoil facets of the plot and characters within the main book.)


In open-world video-games as a prime example, the player is able to explore numerous story-archs, which otherwise couldn’t be actualized through book format due to the derailment from the main plot-line. Additionally, smaller story-archs are preferred as being a component, or somehow linked into the larger story-line. This is to provide a a straight flow toward the climax. It’s commonly known (for myself included) that readers generally lose interest should a story go into some other short-story then back to the main- story, unless it’s directly tied to the main plot-line. Largely books seem to be structured similarly with films, being the acts, and how each act flows into another, and the pacing of each act (this isn’t always the case, and books afford readers more non-linear and less restrictive stories). Incorporating something about some side-character’s family heirloom being stolen that ultimately develops that characters is fine and all, but probably will be cut unless this heirloom or some aspect connects to the main plot, or, it’s shortened considerably. By using DLC this can be avoided, and still develop characters.

Unfortunately, while I don’t understand the Publishing Industry perfectly, I’d assume this task could largely be completed should I seek self-publication. Which renders this task as more daunting then I first considered. However, I believe that much can be developed of a story’s universe through disconnected narrative, but due to the formatting of a narrative (as far as I’ve understood it to be/what is commonly preferred), through is largely able to be done through multiple books, the DLC being short stories. While I do know of various narrative styles such as: nonlinear narrative and the like, these are still linked, simply in a non-chronological system. I may also venture into multimodal methods for the additional stories, which haven’t much to do with the main-book, the only known connective tissue being that the characters, the origins of their problems expressed in the main book.Elex

Other Media

I do wish to redevelop video-games, in which I might be able to express a fraction of my book through a short, narrative and environmentally driven ‘game’ which might be more so an interactive novella of the actual book. So to entice potential readers, satisfy previous readers and attempt to dredge out new and unique ways of expressing this story which otherwise couldn’t be done through text alone.

I do realize that there are sections in books that serves as character development rather than merely plot alone, I’ve done such things, but there are things such as characters’ pasts which I’d like to create a short story for outside the main book.



Crafting DLC for a Book

Trade Publishing v. Self-Publishing [2]

As I’ve already made a pair of posts on this predicament I’ll link here and here.



Self-publishing has been on my mind more and more frequently. This is largely due to the artistic freedom that self-publishing often provides that trade publishing abstains from gifting creators.

This is not the only reason. The average cost of professional editing, can reach staggering amounts. Especially concerning that one does not (or is at least discouraged from) hire a single editor.  (Such as line editors, copy-editors, proof-reading, etc) Rather it is pressured that one ought to hire a suite of editors. This being that each editor has their own unique central function, the secondary reasoning behind it is that multiple editors will mean a more refined work, and pesky little grammar or story edits that need to be tended to will. Probably. (Authors note that even after having several waves of editors typos and other errors remain. Expected really.)

This is of course is on top of beta-readers, the amount of which is usually recommended around five or six to twelve or more. The more the better—but finding beta readers who will do it for free or mutual beta-reading as compensation is unlikely. Most require monetary payment, which is understandable and comparatively to editors, far more reasonable . I’ve payed one beta reader (and she was invaluable to me. I can’t thank her enough) and that ran me about 100 dollars for the Grand Order which was at the time was around 80 thousand words.  The work is now at 122K words. Largely through edits. A major complaint for even my partial-beta readers was that the book moved too quickly. I’ve done well to amend this in some capacity that I hope is adequate.

Anyhow, this is all well and good for an author who    has income that they can cast at the editors, and beta readers (again good investment, but can add up), for a work that probably won’t return monetary value that would put one in the green. Rather, most writers don’t see such benefit, and it is well known that authors generally write to write, not to make truck loads of cash, movie deals and talk show opportunities.

There is the option, to self-publish my work with only self-editing. I’ve purchased a program that can isolate potential flaws and I go through and edit what I feel is appropriate. It is a machine so it’s not perfect, but it has helped me edit greatly, and only at 80 dollars. Compare to 2,500$ for a copy-editor, who no doubt would be superior but would cause me to starve, or lose my lights. And that’s just one of the recommended editors one is supposed to hire.

there is the other, original option: Traditional Publishing. Which still is attractive, but in many cases as authors and editors have reported, many publishing houses will shift and alter your work to fit the parameters that they believe will sell the most. Your title can be changed, the art will probably be dictated and the content may be changed to fit what the house wants. This is symptomatic of an author entering the commercial domain. It is difficult to argue  with people  trained to beautify manuscripts and get them ready for display. However, I do not want my work to be conformed to a common stereotype  of supernatural fantasy books.

I do not want characters or content altered to fit some predicted audience. There’s murder, gore, sexual indulgences, adventure, romance, horror, action, mystery and so on and for any of it to be pruned to fit into a neat box would be defeating the purpose of my writing.

as it stands I’ve hit up 18 agents and haven’t yet met the one interested in my work. This is a low number, and expected, but in the ocean there’s a small number who might actually be interested in my work.  I haven’t abandoned  looking for an agent for I don’t know what to do otherwise.


Trade Publishing v. Self-Publishing [2]

Late Night Thoughts

Take your time, relax; yet too one needs to move quickly if they’re to survive.

A dichotomous existence, with philosophical perceptions often claim precedence over the other.  We’re cogs in a machine of society, politics, commerce and so forth–yet, the machine, these aspects we are forced into binding to, are artificial, and don’t exist in the natural world.

Just random thoughts in the late evening.

Sorry, I haven’t anything of substance, nor structure to share.

Late Night Thoughts