All Writers Must Market Their Work.

eyes elecIf you are writing a novel, or novella, or anything you plan on putting out for public consumption; creating promotionals and paraphernalia is a must.

I detest using absolutes. And I do suppose there are instances when an artist might put out their work but not be interested if lots find it. However, most instances are in contrast. Most writers (from my knowledge) wish for their work to be read, enjoyed, contemplated, fantasized, and so on. Through advertisement you can secure it. Unlike what some think, publishers do not bother promoting your work. Unless you’re not a no-name-author. If your Steven King, or Rowling, then sure, you’ll get attention. If you’re like most of the rest of the writing community, less likely. So, no matter the route you take (Self-Publication or Traditional-Publication) the advertisement/promotional aspect is inevitable.

It can be fun (for those who hate such activity) if you try to create adverts based on your work’s theme. For those who love doing this sort of stuff, they will be aching to create promotional. They probably (like me) already have. I do things like this for fun. Making posters, little art/promo cards, buttons, bookmarks. None of which I’ve put into print, nor will I until the day of ragnarok, but, in the off chance my book is published before the End, then I have pre-created pieces which can undergo some tweaking and additions when necessary

When you use promotionals, no matter how fancy or not-too-fancy it is, people might like it. Your book’s title will spread bit by bit, person to person. The images you use will stick with someone. Depending on the promotionals you make, it might resonate with someone. It too might coincide with a pleasant memory. Which in turn might mean that when such memories surface so too will the memory of your book. Also, should you have book signings, giving out free stuff which is themed to your book is a good way to sort of spread your work. It’s using a multi-media platform essentially. This is why often time, publishers will ask authors to create a blog, twitter account, Facebook account, YouTube account, and so on. Social networking is large, and if you can shift between different media in order to showcase your work, you’ll statistically hit more people than you would by only advertising through type. A website is also a good idea. Whether it be on a site like WordPress, or another, if you make a site, you can spread your link about, you can put it on your promotionals, and so forth. There are even websites which can generate QR codes for a particular website. So, for high convenience, you can put that along with your websites url, and people can more rapidly pop on over to your website. Again, increasing options leads to increase in potential viewers.

While not every place of business will be greeting every author who wants to burden them with promotionals, there will probably be a few. Given I’ve never published a work I cannot be certain of the outcomes, but in my experience working in retail, as well as general ideas of how society and marketing operates, I can theorize it won’t be too easy, but if your persistent you’ll probably find a place or two. Potentially, if you give out buttons or bookmarks for free, then shops will be more likely to be like, “alright I guess…” Depending on how cool your promotionals are they might think it’ll create more traffic, but that scenario is like 1 out of 40,000,000×100 or some sort of ridiculous made up ratio.

Of course there is another aspect besides promos, and that’s one’s press kit. You can find guides online. They usually include a photo, author bio, contact information, premade Q.A., press release, and specific information on your current work. I’ve included a link to one such press kit info.

Don’t be too terribly ridged with it. It is still about your artistic expression, but there’s no need to be flashy or fancy. Simple is enough for reporters. I recommend reading different author’s points of view on press kits so you can get a wider scope of opinions. Some cover more points than others. I’m currently in the process of writing mine. Again, well before publication, but it helps to get practice, and if later down the line I am published, I’ll already have a template which I can refine. I would like to say more on press-kits, but given I’m still learning it, I don’t possess any seasoned advice to give.

I apologize for the delay in blogging. I recently had a wisdom tooth pulled, and was essentially done with all things for about a week. During the tail end of my swelling and pain, a friend of mine got me sick. She took care of me too, but, effort to crate blogs had left me.

Anyhow, I hope this entry was useful, even to one person.

Till next time,

Bye, bye!


If you have any ideas on how your going to promote your work, share them in the comments! I’d love to hear different ideas.


Joanna Pen’s entry on Author’s Press Kit:


All Writers Must Market Their Work.

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