Having Writing Buddies is Awesome.

We writers are apparently introverts collectively. So, when one says to me, “Go make some writer friends,” my first reaction is this: poor thing


It’s good to talk to others. It’s good to find people of like-mindedness, for when you do, you will not only help them, but help yourself. You want to surround yourselves with other writers, so you feel motivated to write more. Same goes for any field.

Using a forum like Absolute Write gives one the advantage of getting outside perspectives on writing ideas, methods, styles, and so on. You can exchange information, have someone who will do more than stare at you blankly when you tell them about all your book’s mayhem, and so on. Truly, it’s a good tool. Indispensable. I regret I haven’t used such things before until now….

I don’t know how I feel about posting about another site. I feel like an advertisement mule. However, it’s not just Absolute Write. Any forum site works well. In person people are just as good in fact! Nothing better than grabbing a bite at a local diner or café and chatting about writing! victory_dance_by_sterlingcelestial-d4yql2s I love it.

So from one introverted writer to another. Please do it for yourself. It’s wonderful.

Short post for today. 😡



Having Writing Buddies is Awesome.

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