Writer’s Block, the Horrible Beast!

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One of the many faces of writer’s block.

Often time writers will find themselves facing a cliff, wall, or monster. However you wish to view writer’s block, it is a troublesome beast which must be slain, conquered, traipsed over, or climbed. It is essentially the yin to your yang, and you should expect it to return. Each time, you will have to defeat it, each time it may require different techniques.

Writer’s block is an interesting thing. It can stem from a multitude of areas. Weakness in the foundation of your story to two-dimensional characters. There are also environmental factors; such as your relationships, lifestyle, or mood swings. Perhaps there is a story that you’ve spent so much time on, your brain has finally burnt itself out, and needs some charging.

I don’t have tons of answers, and I try to draw from personal experience. I’m not the most intelligent nor resourceful individual. Yet, I hope some of the information henceforth is of some value to you.


              You probably have more than one story to tell.

One idea is to stop writing your current work. Switch to a different story. Sometimes people find that not just switching to another story will help but rather that writing multiple stories at once is helpful.

I’ve written along with my current BIG story, some minor ones. Also, I’m devising short stories on some characters of my first book. It’s getting my brain out of the major works and letting it stretch a bit.


Another potential is take a small break, let your brain recharge. Some might disagree and that you should plow through it, but, sometimes that break, the relaxation and rehabilitation allows the new information to seep in and with a invigorated mind the writer can use their higher-level skills. You can now use level 5 armor and a new fire spell!

Inspiration! Other perspectives!

If you write books, watch movies. If you write games, watch movies, read books. Keep yourself out of your own medium. At least for me, when I am writing a video-game script, and I play video-games, my work devolves into someone else’ work. Same for writing. I don’t read books whilst writing, for every time I do my work turns into the writer’s own invention. Some can do this, some cannot. In any case, getting your mind off of your own work, observing another style can help you get new ideas and can allow you to return to your own work with fresher eyes.

Let your thoughts out

Talk to your writer friends. Getting your thoughts out there may help. Outside perspectives might also be able to pinpoint the reason for your writer’s block.

Let your mind spill out

Take walks. Listen to music (or don’t) and let your mind wander. I can’t count how many hours I’ve spent wandering the roads of my suburban neighborhood. Walking along long stretches of road, listening to music and letting my mind go wild. I always feel better. Sometimes even having new ideas, which I can implement to my current story or another work altogether.


If you’re into design work, then look no further than spending some time devising graphics for your novel. (Or video-game, film, any story) Since more than likely you’ll need to advertise yourself, why not have fun and design some prototypes? You needn’t print them off. Simply having templates and works with which you might be able to refine into more articulate versions or other styles. This also affords you an easier time should your work ever be mass-produced. You’ll either have completed adverts/promotionals, or you’ll have the start-work for such things.


Here I’ll include a link to another author’s entry on writer’s block.  She deals with the idea of imagining characters (self-created or otherwise), and asking them questions. This exercise can be used in multiple occasions. Truly it is one use of meditative practices, this function is of great use. I plan to use this during my coming winter break. Over-active imaginations aren’t as evil as parents (or society in general) tend to lead children to believe.

I hope you found at least one tiny sentence useful!

Till the next time!


[Linkal 2] Another author’s perspective. This blog deals with forms of writer’s block that I didn’t cover.







Writer’s Block, the Horrible Beast!