Usual check-list for Writting

So, I don’t really have a writing desk at the moment. (I write anywhere, everywhere–well not really. But lots of places) So I can’t take a photo and share… But, I do have a list of things I do to help me getting into writing mode.

  1. Locations: Bed, cafe/diner, sort of writing desk
  2. Appropriate music, I listen to whatever music fits whatever I’m writing. Or sometimes it doesn’t need to be scene-specific. I also enjoy ambiance, it helps with setting tones, or even just letting me trance out.
  3. Coffee, snacks, other drinks.
  4. Isolation. Nothing is more distracting than your friends. You love them, but damn are they distracting. Being alone allows for you to really delve into your mind.
  5. Write, write, write, and then become so grooved into it, you forget reality. Not really something I think properly fits here, but (like with everyone else I bet) when you write enough during a session, you lose yourself in it, you fall into a beautiful trance.
  6. Walking, i go walking a lot, I play music (usually) and just mentally make scenes, or use imaginary interviews in order to get myself thinking about certain things about my book(s).
  7. Drawing, sketching, characters, and locations. It helps me connect to my story. I feel like by drawing them out I’m getting another side of my story.
  8. Writing things about the character that isn’t necessarily in the story, but it helps you get an idea of how they are. Also, depending on what you come up with, you could have discovered part of their actual life.
  9. Playing video-games (RPGs for me) or reading books/blogs outside of my genera. It can inspire me, give me ideas, and if it’s outside of my genera I won’t compare it (necessarily) to my work and run risk of maiming my beautiful (to me!) story by thinking it needs to be like (or exactly like) someone else’s work. (Because they are like 400% better than me.)
  10. Creating a ‘general notes’ document for either an individual story or the series. I currently have one for my series. I separate volume-specific info, but I always keep it open in case an idea comes to mind. I’ll then write it out, sometimes even developing into long data entries or scenes.

That’s all for now (I think)

What sort of things do you do to really get into the writing mood?

Usual check-list for Writting

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