Cover Designing Thoughts

So here’s a thing….

I often come to this weird uncertainty about the end-pictorial design for my books.

Now I understand that if done through trade-publishing there is a good chance one’s say in cover designs is minimal to zilch. Granted the ones doing the designing for your book are well…. designers. As writers are presumably versed in stories, the designers are versed in design/marketing/manipulating unsuspecting innocents. However, while I haven’t any problem with common styles of book-cover design–I do have interests in broader artistic spectra than purely literary art.

If you are playing a video game, there are numerous other things surrounding the game-mechanics.Such a music, environment, character designs, ambience, so on. Likewise, while yes, the main bit of novels is word-smithing, it also is about characters, plot, environment and so on. Fans may, perhaps, enjoy the world that you have constructed–and maybe, just maybe,might enjoy seeing such a world brought to live via other media.It is not a requirement of a writer to facilitate this end, but for myself, it is an interest. I realize the parallel might not come off as being a good example, but video-games have branched into other media, for both artistic exploration and for their fans. When I found a film adaptation of Odd Thomas, I watched it several times and wished I could have little trinkets and things centered around Odd, Stormy or maybe even Elvis (who was sans from the movie….).

I also have this weird fascination with alternate styles. Which something love to employ once and a while.

The right realism render of the main cast from the anime Cowboy Bebop. This lovely was made by Shilesque

I know,there are quite possibly a legion of writers who would wave their hand in essentially the mind of ‘I’m a writer’ or ‘My writing speaks for itself’ Which is fine, and I admire it. For me, I (perhaps do to my immaturity as a writer or just different interests) Enjoy employing a large range of  methods for expression. Hell, if I could work to develop video games I’d do it in a heartbeat. My focus would still be the story. But if I could work with people who could devise the characters and worlds, and are able to bring it to life via their perceptive and styles springboarding off of the thematic intent I hope is conveyed in my books I’d be enthralled.

This in no way condemns literature, nor boasts games. Neither medium is superior to the other. Writing novels has been to me a necessity. I loath the idea of not writing or reading. Nor are the other art forms to act as glue or duck-tape. The book/story should stand on it’s own. The other additions are just that–additions. Little bonuses. Pen-flashlights you get along with a Garden of Eden Creation Kit.

That joke will probably be lost on many…

Anyway, my interest in doing at least consultation about cover design. Such as style. Is important to me. Just as marketing it is. I think it’d be enjoyable to devise promotionals, and if somehow possible, my work becomes liked by enough, creating little things to give away at book signings to fans. .


Cover Designing Thoughts

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