Death in Fantasy

I’ve come across this phenomenon a lot in stories. Death is pretty much guaranteed in a fantasy story. A complaint (in any medium) from fans and critics of death in fantasy stories is that there are people who return, culminating in the idea that death is meaningless. Well, to me this isn’t always the case as dying and resurrection can lead to a physical and or mental/spiritual transformation.

This to me has been the big factor in if the character’s return is really warranted. Sometimes like with Gandalf, he returns as Gandalf the White. He is notably different both psychologically (A bit anyway) as well as magical power.

If you take the Jason Todd Robin who was beaten by the Joker and then blown up; he returns as Red Hood. This resurrection might seem as though it’s trivial–only it marks a psychological transformation. Fully realizing Jason Todd as a more interesting character. Sometimes it’s good to remember that characters follow a different sort of experiences and deaths that we do.

Death isn’t necessarily a physical phenomenon. We all go through deaths throughout our lives. Metal and psychological transformations. Forms of our ego die and new forms a born. The same goes for story characters. Sure it might seem alienating, but remember these characters aren’t living your life. They are different from you,and should be treasured for that very fact.

One can argue that having characters getting killed and resurrected as a new form is desensitizing, and I can agree to it in some regard. It depends on the story and characters.

It really boils down to your own subjective interests. At least that is my own opinion. So as far as I can tell, don’t just resurrect everyone making death meaningless–an when resurrecting/faking death, it’s best to give it some sort of weight not just, “Look she’s back–isn’t that coo’!?”

Death in Fantasy