Kingsglaive and Westernizing [Rant]

Final Fantasy XV: Kingsglaive looks brilliant, but the alteration in character models, being Westernized, photo-realistic, and lack any sort of diversity in appearance, which dare tread on the dangerous waters of remote physical femininity is disappointing at best.

The cast don’t look the part of being FF characters, and while many might argue it is irrelevant, if Western games’ characters, say Call of Duty, were to look like they were FF characters, it wouldn’t sit well with the majority.

Final Fantasy should remain in its own waters, looking the way it does, as there is a painfully dismal number of games that pull themselves out of technical replication of this reality, and rigid boring gender ‘rules’, mentalities, and so forth.

Final Fantasy should be able to be enjoyed as it is, not for how the perceived Western audience wants it to be. Substituting art to merely conform to the common game character appearance in the Western world of FPS is bland, insulting and unfortunate. If I want Western looking FPS characters I’ll load up Halo, Call of Duty or one of the other thousand identical looking FPS game characters on the current market. Fortunately, diverse appearances are allowed for female characters on occasion. A shame it’s present due to sexual appeal and not necessarily out of artistic and boundary exploration.

This is akin to making elves looking like men because something different is abhorrent. Final Fantasies have a diverse cast, some masculine some feminine. But stripping out the latter robs the interesting look, and nice contrast between Barret, Cloud, Vincent, Cid, Snow, Hope, Sazh, Kuja, Squall, ect. I focus on men in this list since women tend to get more artistic expression overall in the western world of gaming, which dip outside of gender regulation.

At least the architecture and graphics are stunning.

Kingsglaive and Westernizing [Rant]

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