I still have a ways to go.

So, last year or so, I finished my first book.

After three different stories. Where after finishing each one of them I said, ‘Why not continue torturing myself?”

Finally, I’ve forged a world that I believe is reflective of my intended vision. It can grow, change, and ultimately be a world. The character possess something more than plot driving minds.

But, I’m not finished. Not really. I still need other people. Perspectives outside my own. As its known, artists are blind to their art. For all I know, the characters are all secretly Mary Sues. What hell.
The novel in question is centered around alchemy, out-of-body experiences,
incorporeal monsters, and ghosts. It too deals with more worldly things such as friendships, romance, and repercussions for delving into the supernatural world. Such as strained friendships, secrets and so forth.

Its been a long time coming.

I’ve written three or so different stories/versions before reaching this one and still it needs more minds for it to truly blossom into something, I feel, is in its most possible crystallized form.
A clairvoyant, Elexander, and his new friend Eustace, explore an old haunted house. The monster of the house is slain by a ghost. As it turns out this ghost belongs to a living person, known only as the Professor. The Professor begins testing Elexander’s paranormal power, and giving him answers to questions that has been bubbling in his head. However, Professor is kidnapped by alchemists that are a part of an organization known as the Order of Nara. Elexander not wanting to lose the best person to help him find out more about the paranormal world, and its contents, rushes after Professor, not knowing what underlying secrets the alchemists of light hold.


I use Word, but will accommodate the medium needed. I’m looking for things like: how is the pacing? Thoughts on the characters, moods, ect. Continuity Errors, Freedom to engage the characters such as asking them questions. Theories as the story develops. Positive and Constructive Criticism is greatly appreciated.
Grammar is of interest(ish), it’s not necessary, and I don’t really encourage it, as I want you to focus on the story/characters. However pervading poor grammar or something isn’t bad to point out.
I’m willing to beta in return if interested.
PM me if interested. Or you can ask questions here and such.

I still have a ways to go.