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Dirty Sci-Fi Buddha

Identity is incredibly addictive and understandably so; the reward/punishment loops reinforced to us—as well as the expression of our genes—make us extremely invested in who we think we are.  But when we loosen our identities, when we make ourselves malleable and dream of becoming greater things, that’s when we actively unchain our minds.  

It is not just a thing for artists or actors; the ability to move between identities is what destroys dogma and allows one to constantly evolve.

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First BETA reader, finished my book~!


My beta-reader has finally finished my book! Very exciting time.

Lots of problems/improvements have been made known now. So after a bit of picking up my shattered heart, I’ve begun to amend things. It’s been a week or so, and I’ve already added some scenes, detail,  and altered story-archs.

I still have a ways to go. It’s pretty exciting now that I have external perception. My work can be elevated to a state that is good enough to start getting rejection letters!

To readers: If you are going through this–any tips? What are your experiences with editing after receiving beta-reader comments?



First BETA reader, finished my book~!