Sandra 「ピンナップ」


S_TRANS_Sondra_Pinup C.4.0

After several revisions of this; I’m quite pleased so far.

I do love making these ‘pinup’ pieces of my characters.



missing u d5.3 SMLI decided to redo an older fanart of Isabelle from Doubutsu No Mori 動物の森(Animal Crossing).
I’m increasing my shading and trying out different painting styles.

I think I’m getting better. I have a long ways to go though.



It’s been a while.

It’s been a while.

There have been many things going on.

Like having to wait another semester to go back to uni. Getting 2,300SR or something in Overwatch, and having big plot breakthroughs in Book 2!

Professor rework SML
Plus Lots of Arting. One of my OC’s, the Professor.

I’ll continue blogging, rambling and talking to the void whenever I can seem to remember to do so. Perhaps I’ll even open up about my books’ content. But, I like

to keep secrets. At least until it’s published.

Hello again~!


It’s been a while.