28.10.17 note

For not the first time and certainly not its end, I fret over the various destructions that may befall me, should my writing come to no fruitful end.

But I know when I’m no longer worrying about that potential future, when I’m not bending myself for the social game, I return to artistic creation.

My natural state.

28.10.17 note

Why I didn’t hire a proofreader for my novel

This is insightful.
Due to the price of WhiteSmoke right now, I’m not in a good financial state to spend $79.95 annually (I’m assuming WhiteSmoke is up and running again).

However, I’m willing to see about alternatives.

Into Another World

The other day I read a blog about the importance of hiring someone to edit your book before publishing it. The writer couldn’t fathom any reason an author would not put out their best work which in her opinion meant having a professional editor review the book before publication.

While I agree that putting a professional, well-polished, grammatically correct novel should be the goal of all authors, I do, however, understand why someone wouldn’t hire a proofreader or copy editor.

Money. Pure and simple, I believe it is a financial issue. It doesn’t have anything to do with not valuing their work or not being a professional. Hiring a professional to review your book is not cheap.  I am one of those authors who didn’t have someone proof my first novel, Summoned, before I self-published it, and money is the reason why.

Now before we go any further, let…

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Why I didn’t hire a proofreader for my novel

Pinup Madness

Okay… the title is a bit more ‘exciting’ than it actually is but,

Pinup pieces of two of the major characters in my Yet-Published Novel.

The book in question has… well nothing to do with pinup art. Has alchemists and magic though.

I adore pinup work and I think it can be incredibly delightful. I don’t know if I’ll use these on my sites promoting my book. But, I have to say, creating them has been terribly fun.

Also, interesting–as I wouldn’t normally be drawing lingerie or anything.

Anyhow, that’s all. Sorry for the ramble.