An Unusual Murder [Scene Test]

Autumn decent upon the drippy and cool city of Nem, the lights of which had difficulty piercing through the thick fog that never seemed to subside. A slender man in his late twenties, climbed the marble steps of an unassuming library, and made for the librarian in a hurry. He withdrew his gloves and cleaned his gold rimmed glasses. She knew him, far more well than he cared, but he depended upon her loyalty and resources. The woman shut a thick text in which she had been writing.

She asked in a hushed voice, “So? What did you find about the killer, Lock?”

Lock  scratched his eyebrow, “The young maiden was clawed to ribbons, I followed the blood trail Detective Miller discovered, but the trail isn’t long, too little blood was on the murderer. It disappears into the North District. I’ll go there first light. Until then, I recovered this lavabell. It was near the corpse. The officers payed it no mind, but I wanted to check any texts on herbalism and alchemy, Margaret.”

“Of course dear,” she pressed a button under her desk, and the back wall slid open revealing a staircase leading beneath the earth. Lock traipsed down the stairs dispensing with his overcoat, and pulling his hair free from it’s tie. He turned on the lights illuminating a windowless research center. He tiredly fetched a kettle, tea leaves and made for the stove. He needed caffeine, enough for a few more hours. When the kettle whistled, Margaret Pond came to him with several texts. “I pulled select volumes. It’s been a while since I’ve looked in them for reference. Naria is the alchemist after all.”

-Test Scene- Draft 1

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An Unusual Murder [Scene Test]

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