Magic and Consequence

I do love magic with consequence. Now, I don’t necessarily mean a spell shortens a person’s life expectancy. While there is a long-term consequence, my attention falls upon the immediate effects.

For instance, a witch casts a blast of fire against commoners. They should burn to death at most, at least, a little burn. Let their skin boil. Maybe the building the witch is in catches fire from her own attack? Maybe she gets badly burned? Killed? Likewise, people (depending on the universe/context) should respond in kind. Such as, “magic-user? Lynch them, shoot them,” ect.

I also think magic should have psychological implications. I don’t mean madness, rather the magic-user treats it with the same sort of reverence a scientist might to the scientific method;  a love for it, or even a dependency. But, an attachment similar to how we are with electricity. Dependency can be horrible based upon your point of view, but, for most, they wouldn’t think it’d be a good idea to strip out our source of power.

Same goes for a magic-user. Most of the ‘horrible’ things people think about witches and wizards is what a muggle would think. But, what’s more for many witches, magic isn’t an external source, it’s part of their nature.

These are examples, and not to be confused with absolutes. I mean, it’s not like I have any sort of authority anyway. XD

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Magic and Consequence


In the corner of your eye; between moments

Hidden behind the thinnest veils

Tenuous snowfall melts; outside your grasp


Never known ’till you find yourself lost

In an ephemeral spring none can find

In an untravelable extradimensional space


Crumpling within a world beneath your body

A descent that leads you outside yourself

In an oxygenless zone you traverse bare

An evanescent venture; without proof


Grand Order [TTS Audio Book] [2]

Ah,hahah,ahahaha! Finally, after a trillion years, the project is dead!  By dead I mean I finished it, and although I won’t publicly share it (since it was done purely for a friend), I found that it actually helped with my edits heavily.


By adding music, ambiance and editing the audio, I noticed both mechanical errors, as well as literary deficiencies that I was able to fix up. While I don’t know if I’ll do this again for my second book in my series, as this was an absurd amount of work that I did solely out of morbid masochistic curiosity, this was a really useful project. I built my book up a bit more, got creative in lacking sections that if I didn’t do this, wouldn’t have realized they needed to be modded.

Anyhow, that’s all, since I finished this nightmare I thought I ought to celebrate it’s completion. By celebrate it’s more so, *guzzles coffee and listens to Council of Geeks*

Grand Order [TTS Audio Book] [2]