Grand Order [TTS Audio Book] [2]

Ah,hahah,ahahaha! Finally, after a trillion years, the project is dead!  By dead I mean I finished it, and although I won’t publicly share it (since it was done purely for a friend), I found that it actually helped with my edits heavily.


By adding music, ambiance and editing the audio, I noticed both mechanical errors, as well as literary deficiencies that I was able to fix up. While I don’t know if I’ll do this again for my second book in my series, as this was an absurd amount of work that I did solely out of morbid masochistic curiosity, this was a really useful project. I built my book up a bit more, got creative in lacking sections that if I didn’t do this, wouldn’t have realized they needed to be modded.

Anyhow, that’s all, since I finished this nightmare I thought I ought to celebrate it’s completion. By celebrate it’s more so, *guzzles coffee and listens to Council of Geeks*

Grand Order [TTS Audio Book] [2]

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