Misfortune and Unfortunate Endings 

So, this here is a bit different from what I post. But, I find the stories of the Fallout series to be of excellent fun and drama. The universe is interesting and has inspired some of the facets of my own writing and world-building. So, I figured since I’ve taken the time to take these photos to share them! Perhaps they will be inspiring to writers who might see them.

I promise(ish), this sort of entry will be sparse–but Fallout 76 has been inspiring to some capacity for my own stories. To write side stories where things don’t go well, where people commit suicide, fail, are betrayed, eaten and other misfortunes. Adding side-stories characters come across–or hear from other secondary and significant characters are important. They highlight the potential end any of the protagonists could meet. That any of their lovers of friends could also meet horrific and miserable ends.

Misfortune and Unfortunate Endings 


In the corner of your eye; between moments

Hidden behind the thinnest veils

Tenuous snowfall melts; outside your grasp


Never known ’till you find yourself lost

In an ephemeral spring none can find

In an untravelable extradimensional space


Crumpling within a world beneath your body

A descent that leads you outside yourself

In an oxygenless zone you traverse bare

An evanescent venture; without proof


An unusual murder[2]

Previous Scene

Lock took the books eagerly, forgetting the whining kettle. He flipped open the text on herbalism and scanned the book for lavabell. He begged Margaret, “Please, might you finish the tea?” He returned to the text. Lavabell uses, detoxification, generates warmth even removed from the root, oil extract can be used in cooking. He turned through pages. He stopped, the steam of his black tea drew him away. He gulped it down, and burned the roof of his mouth. Margaret shook her head unsurprised.

She asked leaning over, “Any luck then ?”

Lock pointed to a passage, in using lavabell for detoxification, if the process isn’t done correctly the oils of the plant can cause poisoning. Though, not lethal on its own.” He scanned further, if it’s  boiled with mandrake, sage, and pale root, it can cause hallucinations.”

He pondered, “that doesn’t help the case.. maybe it was nothing. Doesn’t help explain the giant gashes on the victim.” He asked the librarian, “What about records of lycans? Anything in recent history?”

Margaret collected his empty cup, “No lycan has attacked Nem in recorded history. Sightings are usually documented eastern of here, near places like Delbin, and Twilton, but I haven’t corresponded with Callison, nor Glass in a little over a month.” She pondered for a moment. Lock asked her if she was alright. Margaret pouted, “I just realized I should send them both letters, it’s a bit odd they haven’t been keeping up. We usually send updates. I have a log of gnome sightings that I know Glass will be interested in.”

Just into daybreak, Lock knocked on Detective Miller’s office door. A muffled voice beckoned him inside. The office was cramped, stacks of papers, folders and books populated the weakly lit room. Lock knew Detective Miller had a spot for everything, even still it made Lock’s head spin. Just a little bit of organizing that makes sense… put some stuff away, man. Detective Miller greeted Lock with coffee, “You’re earlier than I expected.”

Lock nodded to his attire, “you haven’t changed, is it the case you showed me that’s bothering you?”

Miller waved a hand, “Oh, well, sort of, but, The Mrs and I are… unimportant. Did you discover anything yourself?”

“A dead-end I’m afraid, at least I believe. I found loose lavabell around where the woman lay. It can be used for poisons, cooking and hallucinations.”

Miller pondered, “Yeah, could the killer have drugged her? But, what sort of thing that has talons that size be doing mixing poisons ?”

“It’s the victim I’m considering. Fancy a trip to the morgue?”

The two traipsed down into the cold depths of the dungeons. Doctor Carlin greeted them, “Evening.”

“Morning.” Lock corrected her.

Doctor Carlin shook her head, “That’s what I meant. Detective Miller? You here to see Lamb’s body?”

Carlin took them into a wide room filled with chambers for the dead. Victoria Lamb lay on a slab. “I’m preparing her for an autopsy per the captain’s wishes.”

Lock pointed to her, “Mind if I take a quick look?” After Miller nodded to Carlin, Lock made for her corpse. He pulled out a magnifying glass and stared down at her finger nails. Dirt underneath them, plant matter. With tweezers he retrieved some of the plant, the color of the still warm petals was undeniable. Lavabell. He checked the rest of her but found nothing else of note. He asked Detective Miller, “what do you know of Ms. Lamb? Rich?”

“Lamb is from a lower middle-class family. Her dad works as a trader, her mum tends to her younger siblings. Dunno much about Victoria, prolly good to ask her parents.”

Lock nodded, “Coming along, Detective?”
“Actually. I have a few cases. I’ll be in my office back at the station if you find out anything.”

[Scene 2 Test] draft 1


An unusual murder[2]


Lovers’ path shattered, deepening fissure; yet persistent connection

The nagging ghost remains, tinting dreams, calling their name

Inescapable euphoric memories, aching chest when their ghost passes by

Ridiculed for longing a lost dance, wanting to find the edge of the earth

Until the lovers step together one more, all persist they slay the longing

And then, others skeptical still, wonder when their dance will stumble

’till the lovers, hand in hand, hearts entwined, find the distant end