The exploits I’ve had, the memories made of once tangible worlds, have had their bridges incinerated by Janus. Those distinct character mutating spaces can never be entered for like a firework, the conditions, circumstances, and relationships have dissipated, leaving only fading scent of what was. Who I am now, is another mask with an already lined fresh coat of paint. A product of the river of the innumerable elements of reality; doomed to be strung out of reach of autonomy.


Rain Group Art Work [Comparison]雨のグルップの絵

Eustace annual revisions since 2016

2016前にえうすユースタス 毎年の改正
Mila annual revisions since 2016

Since 2016 I’ve attempted this big art piece of five to six characters (depending upon the iteration), but every time I was unsatisfied with how it was coming along. Especially with the characters. I’ll be redrafting the background and hopefully create a more attractive setting.


Rain Group Art Work [Comparison]雨のグルップの絵

Supplementing Novel

Having finally RPG MAKER MV within my tiny paws, I can at last explore finishing a game! I’ve worked on them since I was a teenager barely cognizant of my true interests, but never completed a single one.

But, now with much more experience with story writing, and the like, I can finally adapt my novel into a video-game. I plan on only adapting the first few chapters into a semi-non-linear gaming experience. Doing this will allow myself to flex creative muscles but too can gift potential readers to see the work in another way.

It is possible that I might, through masochism, creative intent, and foolishness, develop the video-game to encompass the entirety of novel one. Side-quests, and further world-building can be established through this method.

Supplementing Novel

Character Sheet

So, I have nothing really to write about today perse, however, I thought it be fun to share a basic template I’ve developed for my major-characters.
This template mutates to service whatever character is being filled in. For instance, depending on a character’s class, be it thief, wizard, psychic and otherwise can determining the ‘supernatural-abilities’ section. Likewise, ‘supernatural-eye-color’ is only applicable to a narrow array of characters and thus would be excluded in most cases.


Birth Name:
Assumed Name:
Potential future names:

Major Age(s)
Hair Style
Hair Color
Usual Eye Color:
True Human Eye Color:
Supernatural Eye Color/Style
Body Type
Aura (Common Color)
Other Physical Features
Supernatural Abilities




Sexual Matters:

Romantic Relationships:

Major Relationship and other Moments: (? Good to keep? Redundant?)

Things they do alone: 


Bio / History


I didn’t wish to include detailed information about the character, Sandra, here for reasons of secrecy and spoilers of her.  However in areas such as ‘things they do alone’ I’ve included things such as : 

Reads texts and fiction, listens to music usually either focused or in background; martial arts self-practice, running, baking.

This C.Sheet is really simple especially given it’s my latest attempt at them and hasn’t been refined much yet. Regrettably, this is probably a pretty bland entry, but I’ve seen such things be posted by authors and thought ‘wth not’. 

Character Sheet


An important facet, I believe gets too little attention is weather in fiction. (Some games too, but it’s becoming a bit more important) When I say weather though I do not necessarily mean extravagantly destructive storms that rip a city apart. I mean almost the opposite. Writing how, “she pulled her hand from the cold railing and wiped the morning rain water on her pants”, or “his hat had become white again” (from snowfall), or “her bottle of water had warmed. She sat, sweat dripping from her bangs. A distant thunderous storm mocked her.”

light rain

These aren’t the best examples, but they are instances of weather that affects characters insomuch as to let the reader feel the world but not cripple the character, nor derail the plot-line just to put some example of weather. It should blend into what’s happening, and I believe is important. The days with overcast and are slightly chilly are just as important as a never-ending drougt, or a hurricane wiping electricity from a city.




Death and dieing should be important events, but not everyone needs to stay dead. The problem then arrives for a writer, death should have weight (unless that’s not the kind of story you’re telling), in which case their rebirth should change something, unless of course it was a quick fake-out-death/trick and not much time has passed or something. In such a case it’s best to use your interpretation.

However, assuming they died and are as dead as dead can be but are resurrected or the equivalent; either the character or the environment needs to have altered. Otherwise their death was indeed meaningless. Perhaps the character is the same, but people treat them differently—they did just come back from the dead after all. Or their persona has been transformed—or their body isn’t quite functional in some aspects. Maybe they return inhuman. There’s numerous ways to show the significance of their death and rebirth.

These are just musings and aren’t any sort of requirement. (Which in Of itself is a bold remark about the value of my thoughts) In any case hopfully this is good food to help get ones mind churning.