I slump over my coffee table; my dining table, and stare down at the numerous tabs open within my laptop. After letting my mind settle, and tick gently for some time, I fetch my coffee and slurp down the now cold brew. I sigh and lean back in my chair, staring up at the swirling mass above. Memories and dreams, passions and failures, future events that mayn’t happen, congealed and accrued into an ephemeral force.

I stare back at my television, animations playing quietly, ambient music caressing my ear drums. It’s always the same, the uncertainty of what will happen, the loss of those you adore due to time and autonomy. I stare down at my studies, if I succeed, I may find myself far from home. Always on the precipice, overlooking the crashing and turbulent world, unsure of what demons and celestials might greet me in the hurricane. Uncertain when I will die, and what sort of creature I’ll become with my rebirth.


The Unobserved Exist Without You

There exists, a pervasive side of human experience, an uncommon curious side of perception, largely ignored, left to exist in a massively personless expanse, somewhere between spaces. A dimension that does not foster security, nor replicative possibility in the way in which is commonly desired.

A niche, seemingly unfortunate population stumble or push their way into these secret worlds. Be they psychic, ethereal, paranormal corporeals, or otherwise; one can be assured they will face ridicule and social excommunication if they tread into the wild grass, delve into caves, and are discovered by the outsiders. Places and things that have to be observed with a balance between objectivity and subjectivity, the variable of the individual causing the scientific process to shift into slippery dust.

The universe is not dependent upon sentient logical processes of the beings that come out of it, and the underworkings, that most people have an innate ignorance toward will carry on without a person’s awareness.. Just as species upon exoplanets will subsist without our awareness, and the wind upon a planet without sentient observation will carry on as it has before life formed on Earth.

The Unobserved Exist Without You

Revisions and Coverwork

Oh, so many revisions I’ve done! So many extra words it’s made. On Chapter 17 out of 25, and after all the two years or so my manuscript was first ‘completed’, I just now noticed a major error in Chapter 3 in a simple sentence of dialog. Oi.


I’ve been working on art non-stop since my off days, makes my head spin sometimes. This WIP still needs four more characters filled in in front of Rabbit (The guy with the potion)

Hope you enjoy. Usually not good about showing ANY of my illustrations, so far into completion of my characters ’till my book is published, but, well, I feel a bit of bendability is good.

Revisions and Coverwork


Acknowledging the awkward, intimate, and embarrassing quirks and past of characters seems to me, be one of the keys to unlocking a deeper realization of one’s characters. This, of course, I’m certain, isn’t a novel revelation.

However, none of this has anything to do with the ‘gross’, or ‘absurdly annoying shock-value’ pasts and events. (Just the same, it isn’t ideal, to describe a character by the most exaggerated physical features possible. Just because a character is tall, needn’t mean you make them 7ft, towering giant, not everyone can be Hagrid,) Things uncharacteristically carried out in order for the effect of ‘aren’t my characters so weird’ rather, a more realistic aspect. Perverted thoughts, mistakes, urinating in class as a kid, sexual confusion, cross-dressing. None of these need to be embarrassing, nor ‘bad’, they are merely things done that mightn’t be ‘approved by society’.

Many of these things aren’t expressed unless in jest, and thus, not taken as sincere, as authentic aspects of that person. This is an experiment I wish to implement, to express certain shadows that society mightn’t be pleased about but are still very much existent. Or sexual dimensions, which is almost always treated as dirty, unclean or ‘naughty’ and not a mere facet of experience that is in of itself empty, void of social dictatorship, but exists as is, like a leaf, like breathing, sexual desire, none of which exist due to society.


The Merchant and the Swordsman

[Scene Practice | First Draft] I wrote this on a whim, for fun and to let my creative self kind of spill out onto something other than my manuscript. It’s a rough, first draft, and I’ll probably, maybe, go back over this, rewrite stuff and see where it takes me. I won’t subject anyone to the various iterations, but if it becomes something good, perhaps I will for comparative reasons.


From a wooden pipe, smoke curled and splayed out into the hanging jars of dried herbs and pickled limbs. The merchant, unbelievably fresh-faced for the age of forty-two, sat relaxed watching the wanderer pick through his wares. The merchant, with eyes squinted and mouth turned into a thin grin, inquired a second time, “You’re mission is of secrecy you said?” The wanderer nodded, her hands caressing a vial of blue liquid, she glanced at him, her orange eyes studying his own grey ones. The merchant’s grin widened, “I do love secrets, they hold power, in the right hands, magic can well from them, land can quake, plants can wither or flourish.”

The brunette warrior brought the potion to the merchant, “You’re a strange man.” She eyed up his peculiar items, “And you stock things I’ve never seen, strange… wizardry things.”

The merchant reclined and exhaled more smoke, “I’m not but a humble merchant, but, my kind hear stories and legends. Tales of the mystical, and the mundane.” He frowned, “Unfortunately, I’ll soon have to be passing through he Blackwell Marshes. Dangerous location, goblins, diretoads, and the like lurk, could use another mercenary.”

The swordsman shrugged, “Sadly, I’m not for hire, as said, I’m bound to another contract.”

The merchant finished his pipe, “Well that is a shame,” he fetched some more tobacco from a polished case, “I pay well, either in coin or in materials,” he lit his pipe, “Where did you say you were going again?” He exhaled smoke that suspiciously danced.

The swordsman shut her eyes in frustration, “I told you, it’s confidential. I will not betray my employer.”

The merchant frowned, “Well, fine, fine,” He then beamed, stretching his limbs, “To business then!” He took the potion from her, “Hm…? What would you have use of this? You’re no mage.”

She leaned forward, “Never-mind that, what is it’s cost? No price was labeled.”

He tapped the potion, “That’s because this rarity is worth more than you have.” She glared. He waved a hand, “Calm, calm, I can give this to you, if you tell me the secret.”

She turned from him, “I’ll find someone else.”

He called, “Fine! Wait!” she did. He slumped forward, “Another price then? If you join my trek, you can have this potion-you-cannot-use.” She didn’t move for a time. He contorted his face in defeat. No good then, this little Sword-Swinger must not quite like me, is it my smile?

“Fine.” She returned with one her black gloved hands outstretched. He pulled the potion back from her, “No no, not yet. When you have reasonably accommodated me you can have this potion. After all, what good is it if I give you it now? You wouldn’t show. I leave in three days.”

She folded her arms, “Three days, Strawman? That’s far too long. My mission doesn’t have three days to wait.”

His patience thinned, “Pushy woman. Fine. Two days?” she glared. “We’re on another’s scheduled as well, Tempress.”

She folded her arms, “Fine, Merchant.”

“Please, Felix, Miss. Swordsman.” He outstretched a ringed and scarred hand. She didn’t take it. He dropped it with a smile, squinting his eyes, “If all proceeds from this point on accordingly, we will leave, the day after tomorrow, at dawn. Please, await at Wheatwell’s Inn.” She made to leave. He called, “No name for you then? Shall I call you the Glaring Swordswoman?”

She looked over her shoulder at him for a spell before leaving his caravan and disappearing into fogging city depths.


[Scene Practice | First Draft]


The Merchant and the Swordsman

Music and Ambience to Enhance Creativity

Storm Bitc

“… take your time”


In order to survive, to nourish my fortitude so I might complete my artistic endeavors I use a wide array of music and ambience in order to facilitate inspiration. I feel, that through tempering the psychic atmosphere with music befitting your work (or just something you enjoy), not only is one’s productivity increased, but, it sets an artist’s mind in a dimension that will create and discover unique percepectives. Such as, with the right music, a scary scene might be described in ways you didn’t think of without the use of scary ambience. More than anything, to cultivate exemplar narrative and dimension of all aspects within fiction, it requires time, patience, introspection, and passion. So take your time (within reason of course, if under time constraints such as a contract deadline)

I also find that ASMR, though, not my immediate recommendation (as it relaxes/makes one drowsy), it too is a source of relaxing, which means a more fluid and a less distracted mind. I have numerous playlists, most of which are a mix of different musics, as I’m inept/impatient at specifically organizing music befitting certain tones or scenes in my manuscripts.


However, when I was working on my voice-actorless audio book, I did do rewrite through not only by meditating on the scenes but too the music I chose, and the sound-effects I cobbled together. They inspired me to increase detailing here and there, or alter things slightly as the imagery I created through sound and music was richer than it’s earlier form.46d8487370b10fe5c797922c14edc428c791a141_hq

I absolutely recommend using music, ambience, and if stressed, asmr. There are caches of resource on youtube alone, and while this might appear to be an elementary methodology, I myself don’t believe I used the right kind of music for scene setting growing up, nor did I consider ambience as a source of tempering. So, perchance I’m not special, and others too caren’t to consider this method. Hopefully, they might if they are having some creative stagnation.

Much luck to all your creative endeavors.

Music and Ambience to Enhance Creativity