To imagine, or dream, of the world: friends, families, pets, shops and weather; technology and governments, and all of their mundane and fantastic activity. Then to imagine, you cease to be, no longer you, your ego, your memories and desires disintegrate. Never to influence anything again beyond memories some may carry.

    Your dearest companions live their lives–as you watch; an apathetic echo, that deforms into the trough of dreamless slumber. And in that neither light, nor dark no-space; the universe subsists, and you will never know.  In this void–it is the same place you were before you were born.

    If you are reborn, you will not be who you were. Nothing you’ve done, you’ll ever know you’ve done, and knowing it would achieve nothing; for you, your entire identity died. Who is reborn is not you as you are now, just as who you are now is not who you were before this samsaric crest.


The Bad Ending

So, this builds off of my previous post, but I felt I ought to expand and refine the content. While there is an overabundance (for my taste) of Happy Endings in the west, I find that although I enjoy bitter sweet endings personally, Happy Endings are attractive. Thus, peppering into a work with a happy ending, miserable, or bad endings, is prudent. Including scenes of other people who didn’t make it in time, who were tortured, killed, starved and so forth will enliven the environment—make it immediate. Potential peril that may befall the protagonist doesn’t always have to concern them directly. snowstorm.gif

Perhaps they stumble upon a mine that is said to contain treasure, but as they explore they encounter bodies of those who were killed by traps, or cave-ins, and the like, and them reacting sincerely. Panic, needing to calm down. Growing cautious. Not only would it help the protagonist avoid what their predecessor did but it would also show what would happen if they missed a step, and express their character.

Likewise, showing someone who maybe was stuck in a vault during an invasion who suffocates, since can’t get out given everyone is either dead or evacuated. The readers discovers this through evidence before the protagonist finds the body.scarything.gif

This highlights and expands the universe you’ve created, shows misery and makes the reader potentially care about these otherwise narratively speaking, insignificant characters. Attack on Titan does this well. The viewer watches a battle taking place, and witnesses the deaths of these characters as the battle intensifies. You hear the last things they cry before dieing–you see what the fear before death, and thankfully, some escape, and grow from the experience that otherwise would be ineffectual without these characters’ unfortunate endings. Without failure there can be no weight to success, and the world around the protagonist is just as significant as the protagonist themselves.


The Bad Ending

Magic and Consequence

I do love magic with consequence. Now, I don’t necessarily mean a spell shortens a person’s life expectancy. While there is a long-term consequence, my attention falls upon the immediate effects.

For instance, a witch casts a blast of fire against commoners. They should burn to death at most, at least, a little burn. Let their skin boil. Maybe the building the witch is in catches fire from her own attack? Maybe she gets badly burned? Killed? Likewise, people (depending on the universe/context) should respond in kind. Such as, “magic-user? Lynch them, shoot them,” ect.

I also think magic should have psychological implications. I don’t mean madness, rather the magic-user treats it with the same sort of reverence a scientist might to the scientific method;  a love for it, or even a dependency. But, an attachment similar to how we are with electricity. Dependency can be horrible based upon your point of view, but, for most, they wouldn’t think it’d be a good idea to strip out our source of power.

Same goes for a magic-user. Most of the ‘horrible’ things people think about witches and wizards is what a muggle would think. But, what’s more for many witches, magic isn’t an external source, it’s part of their nature.

These are examples, and not to be confused with absolutes. I mean, it’s not like I have any sort of authority anyway. XD

Reading Material: Stand-Out-Books

Magic and Consequence

Late Night Thoughts

Take your time, relax; yet too one needs to move quickly if they’re to survive.

A dichotomous existence, with philosophical perceptions often claim precedence over the other.  We’re cogs in a machine of society, politics, commerce and so forth–yet, the machine, these aspects we are forced into binding to, are artificial, and don’t exist in the natural world.

Just random thoughts in the late evening.

Sorry, I haven’t anything of substance, nor structure to share.

Late Night Thoughts

So Much Writing…

“So little of me considered myself competent enough, (or haphazardly bumbling enough) to find myself in creative writing”


Between school, blogging and writing/editing my manuscript(s), I’ve found myself more drenched in English language than I thought could be possible. Speaking of which, 日本語の新しい単語と文化を勉強するのことが必要だと思う。I’ve been neglecting my Japanese studies, though this could be result of course compression thanks to Summer Semester. My intermediate composition parallel to my Buddhism class have been quite distracting, and unfortunately for Japanese study, it’s not quite as relaxing as drawing anime characters or playing Overwatch.

Best Reason to Play Overwatch * – *

So little of me considered myself competent enough, (or haphazardly bumbling enough) to find myself in creative writing. There is this ambivalence of ‘should I’ or ‘shouldn’t I’  to continue to keep going on with this. To persevere through the numerous failures. There is no financial benefit for writing for me. Perhaps the only thing that keeps me orbiting this art is the desire to write.

If left to my own devices, either I will write or I will draw. I may do other things like play video-games, listen to music, or other less ‘appropriate things’, but I will most certainty, eventually, create art for introspective purpose, joy, and entertainment in artistic creation.


I know, I’m going to still continue with my uncertainty no matter how many times I reassure myself of the validity of my reasons for writing and drawing.


So Much Writing…